A bike is by far the best way to see Valencia.

Valencia is a very flat city with lots of old narrow streets. Only by bicycle can you get places easily and quickly. You can see more by bike in a few hours than you ever could on foot or by bus.

Valencia is especially bike friendly, with a network of bike lanes over 120 km long, numerous cycle streets and the metropolitan park Turia Gardens with a green bicycle path 9 km crossing the city from west to east.

If you are looking for a place in Valencia where to rent a bike, Marbike have one of the best fleets of bikes to rent, selected especially for comfort and easy handling.

All our bikes are fully revised and constantly serviced. Your safety, comfort and enjoyment are our priority so we spend a lot of time and effort to ensure our fleet of bikes are in tip top condition.

At Marbike we have competitive prices, comfortable bikes and a great customer service and attention to detail.


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Our bikes are all MBM city bikes:

  • Multi geared-6.
  • Ladies “step through” or male frames. Selection of children bikes.
  • Modern seats for extra comfort.
  • Lightweight, a pleasure to ride.
  • A selection of sizes for all heights.

Bike helmets and child seats (children with maximum weight of 22 kg) available on request. The chair has a charge of 2 €/day.

  • Children under 16 are required to wear a helmet. For adults, the use is optional.

In case of a puncture you can bring back the bike to our shop for other or carry to any nearby workshop for repair. Order the delivery ticket and when you come back we will pay you back the cost of repair.


To rent one of our bikes get close to our shop. To save time you can make a reservation through the booking form and so we will have them ready when you come.

We will need you to sign a standard hire agreement and leave an ID or a passport or 50€ as deposit which will be returned at the end of your rental period.

Payments for bike rental and deposit are accepted by credit card or in cash.


For your safety use the bike lanes, cycle streets and the green bicycle path Turia Gardens. They will take you almost everywhere.

Avoid ride through narrow sidewalks or crowded pedestrian streets.

If you see pedestrians standing or walking along the bike lane, reduce your speed and let them know of your presence ringing the bell.

Use the bike parkings around the city. There are a lot and they are safe and convenient. If you lock the bike in traffic signs or urban furniture, the police might fine you and remove the bike. Be careful.


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